Sprinkler System Pipe Noises

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Sprinkler System Pipe Noises

Post autor: davefollmer » 02 maja 2018, 09:58 - śr


So, we have been having issues with a loud noise coming from the pipes when the sprinkler system turns on. The builder tells me that it is the water pressure, so they install a reducer on my water line. Noise goes away for a month or so. Then today, it sounds like someone with a bat is hitting the walls when each zone turns on. So I go out and check all the sprinkler valves under those green covers and one has the solenoid wires not connected and some water build up. After some research, I find that a backflow preventer is recommended to be installed because the sprinkler system may be using water from the house. Now the sprinkler valve may be bad or may have always been bad and is causing this back pressure into the house which then is causing the pipe noise.
Does anyone know if that makes sense? Should the builder pay for that since they installed the sprinkler system?

Any help will be apprecited.

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