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English Speaker

: 01 lutego 2018, 20:03 - czw
autor: crashthegrey
Hello all. I hope at least some hear speak English. I read this forum from time to time using a translation page. I am an American pipe smoker. My grandmother came over from Poland, and I have always wanted to be more involved with Polish culture. She died over 20 years ago and I have forgotten most of the language that she taught me. I am slowly relearning, but it is not conversational yet. I found a Polish Pipe carver who said there were some Polish forums. This one seems to have gone somewhat inactive, but hopefully someone who speaks English is still around. I would like to try some Polish pipe tobaccos, maybe I could send you some hard to get in Poland tobaccos and you could send me some of the more local tobacco from Poland? Or just conversation in English for now.
Crash (Nathan)