West Coast Pipe Show - Las Vegas, 31.10-1-11 b.r.

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West Coast Pipe Show - Las Vegas, 31.10-1-11 b.r.

Post autor: JSG » 28 października 2009, 17:06 - śr

Może to trochę abstrakcyjne, ale można to potraktować jako ciekawostkę.
W Las Vegas w dniach 31.10-1.11 2009 odbędą się targi fajkowe wzbogacone licznymi warsztatami np mieszania tytoniowych smakołyków, jak obrabiać wrzosic czy jak umiejętnie kupować i sprzedać na ebay.
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Some of the World's best and clearly North America's best pipe carvers and other special guests will be at the show.
Briar, briar and more briar. Enough for you to go as Briar Crazy as you want.
The West Coast has been missing a big pipe show for quite some time. Well, here it is. We are bringing the pipes to you. As close to you as we can get. So dont miss this opportunity. If you live within 200 miles (or more) drive to the show!!!
Doors open at 10am and show closes at 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Work-shops to be held on Saturday are:
Joe Lankford (of plum pudding fame) and a tobacco blending seminar.
Bob Swanson of Perry White Pipes to discuss the secrets of carving Briar.
Chance Whittmore, eBay seller, will give you a crash course on how to buy and sell on eBay.


1. Paolo Becker from Becker Pipes
2. Christopher Alan Brunton
3. Charles Cole
4. James 'JT' Cooke
5. Adam Davidson
6. Ron Fairchild from Fairchild Pipes
7. Jeff Alan Gracik of J. Alan Pipes.
8. William Jennings
9. Robert Kiess of Kiess Pipes
10. Maigurs Knets
11. Michael Lindner
12. Steve Morrisette
13. Michael Parks
14. Paul Perri
15. Will Purdy
16. Jon Rinaldi from J. Rinaldi Pipes
17. Joe Skoda
18. Bob Swanson from Perry White Pipes
19. Luigi Viprati
20. Bruce Weaver

You should read that list again because it really is hard to believe whose pipes you will be able to see at the show.


1. Rick Newcombe - Author of 'In Search Of Pipe Dreams'
2. Gary Schrier of Briar Booke Press
3. Joe Lankford from the Seattle Pipe Club. He is getting rave reviews on his Tobacco blends.
4. Chance Whittamore, eBay seller who will give a talk on the ins and outs of buying and selling pipes on eBay.


1. Kevin Brackett from Tobacco Pipe Exports representing Amadeus, Joh's & Rudy Apelt Pipes.
2. Rob Denholtz from Connoiseur Pipes representing Ed Burak Pipes.
3. F&K Cigar Co. - F&K is having Former carve some pipes as we speak, which are destined for our show.
4. David Field of R.D. Field representing Becker, Barbi, Don Carlos, Il Ceppo, Jorgen L, Joura, Mastro Beraldi & Safferling Pipes.
5. Robert "Lawdog" Lawing of Lawdogs Pipes
6. Steve Monjure of Monjure International representing Ardor, Rinaldo, Brebbia & Joao Reis Pipes.
7. Robert Noble from NASPC (North American Society of Pipe Collectors)
8. Phillips & King International
9. Marty Pulvers of Pulvers Prior Briar
10. Don Seatter of The James Island Piper.
11. Joel Shurtleff from TheBriarPipe.com
12. Smokingpipes.com with Tony Santiague and Bear Graves.
13. SMS Meerschaum
14. Tobacco Town from Las Vegas
15. John Tolle and Bill Unger from the NASPC (North American Society of Pipe Collectors)


1. Brian Burk
2. Joe Cappel
3. Dennis Congos
4. Mike Edborg
5. Lowell Ellis
6. Al Grosskopf
7. Andy Herbruck
8. Pat Noakes
9. David Melnick
10. Mario Persico
11. Tom Pfaeffle
12. Peter Prygelski

We have interviews on the website with many of your favorite carvers.
We have much more detailed information on the website about everything happening with the show.

Visit the site and make sure to start planning your visit to Las Vegas next weekend and dont miss out on this very special West Coast event.
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