Smokers, I don't even get their mindset!

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Smokers, I don't even get their mindset!

Post autor: LarryWalker » 25 kwietnia 2018, 12:01 - śr


I have personally never even tried smoking anything. I think it is f***ing disgusting and it destroys your lungs. I saw that Tokemon post in the Lounge and wondered how many of my fellow Ars Technicians (don't know how to put that) smoke. If you do, why? If you don't, why? Why is smoking so great!I have never smoked anything because I don't feel the need to waste $20 on a trip that I could get by hucking myself down a 20-stair on a skateboard. I guess I just don't get the reason why you would even get into that kind of stuff and waste your money to die?

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