Favourite pipe makers?

Tu początkujšąy fajczarze mogą zadawać pytania weteranom fajki.

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Favourite pipe makers?

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Do you have any favourite pipe makers whose work you have? There are so many these days, it's hard to single them out without being unfair. My own modest collection has some pipes by Ian Walker of Northern Briars, a couple by Chris Askwith and Mike Billington of Blakemar Briars, all UK makers.From further afield, Sabina Santos of Portugal is a recent addition. And a lovely pipe, a Danish Bari, by the Nielsens of Faarborg, is a great little smoker.The big names and factories predominate perhaps, and my Petersons, Savinellis, Stanwells etc are all there too and equally loved, but I do like a handmade pipe with its personal and unique character.How about yourselves?

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