Pipe Questions

Tutaj rozmawiamy o różnych fajkach, z którymi mamy przyjemność

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Pipe Questions

Post autor: davefollmer » 06 czerwca 2018, 14:43 - śr


I would be very interested in anything pipe related. I got my first pipe about a year ago and have struggled keeping it lit, but would like to keep trying. I do believe that most tobacco is far too moist to burn well. I need to do a better job of letting it sit out before packing a bowl. Here in Colorado, things dry pretty fast and I think if I let a bowl-worth sit out for half an hour to an hour it would probably burn quite a bit better. At this point I can't really tell you what I would add to a rating system because I am so new to pipe tobacco. I have tried some of the blends you have recommended in the past and really enjoyed them. Rattray's Old Gowrie: great apricot aroma
GL Pease Westminster: great smoked flavor like a peaty ScotchPerhaps a novice suggestion, but general flavor profiles would help me the most. Flavor and nicotine strength would also be helpful. Our palates generally align, so I would be happy to hear about tobaccos you are enjoying and not collectors items.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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Pipe Questions

Post autor: MichaelEmuri » 03 września 2018, 23:27 - pn

Good deal thanx again. The pipe smokes good man. Hey anyone from south jersey area go to green tree tobacco? In Sewell


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