Rolling/Pipe Tobacco - Advice Please

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Rolling/Pipe Tobacco - Advice Please

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I hope it's okay to post about tobacco on the Spyderco forum and in the Off-Topic section... If not, Mods please delete this and I apologize in advance...
I am a very light smoker. About 2-3 roll-your-own cigarettes a day. I recently moved/relocated and I no longer have access to the local Brick & Mortar tobacco shop that I had been sourcing my tobacco from. I was buying approx. 3 1/2 ounces at a time, and that would last me well over a month. This was good quality tobacco stored in large glass jars at the shop and didn't have a brand name associated with it.
Now that I'm living in a new state, I currently have no source for rolling tobacco. I tried to do some online research to find brands that were favorably reviewed. Through doing that I came across a company called OHM and was able to order 2 of their sampler 1 oz. packages ('Natural' and 'Blue' varieties). Well I recently received my order and the tobacco was very dried out and the flavor wasn't all that great. So I'm disappointed in that regard... I live in a remote area and the nearest town with a tobacco shop is like 30 minutes away and when I visited their selection wasn't good at all - so sourcing tobacco locally isn't a good option for me.
So my current issue is two-fold. I am looking for a brand of rolling tobacco that is both premium quality (no additives, preferably organically grown) and can also be ordered in relatively small quantities (3-5 oz at a time). Also, I would say I definitely prefer a lighter, more milder smoke. So does anyone have any good options or recommendations for me? Are there any online dealers who stock their own premium tobacco and will ship out in smaller quantities? I'm not feeling too optimistic about the more inexpensive pre-packaged name brands - so I'd like to avoid going that route if possible. If I can't find a good option/solution I guess it may be best for me to give up smoking altogether.

Any help will be apprecited.

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